“Where’s my baby?”

♀ Nora Montgomery  FC: Lily Rabe

Age: Twenty-Six 
Status: Ghost
Occupation: N/A
Residency: The Murder House
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Date of Birth: July 20th 1900 - 1926
Availability: OPEN

Nora moved from Philadelphia after marrying Charles Montgomery. Being a socialite, she was increasingly disappointed that their lifestyle was not as lavish as she felt it could be, and that Charles was squandering his talent. He custom built their home in Los Angeles during 1922, even modelling the glass fixtures after her eyes. They had a baby boy named Thaddeus. When her aggravation over their increasing financial troubles reached a boiling point, she convinced Charles to use his skills as a surgeon to perform illegal abortions out of the house’s basement until 1926. As a ghost, she appears with a gaping gunshot exit wound on the back of her head from her suicide. It looks like she also has some memory problems as a result, making her unable to recognize other residents of Murder House who she’s already met (i.e. Tate).

Nora goes through swings of being unaware that she is a ghost and why the house is different. While alive, Nora often spoke to her husband with anger, even going so far as to say that by just looking at him, she was disgusted. She also treated their maid with a bad attitude, scolding her for not immediately taking care of her crying son. However, as a ghost, her personality depicts her as sad, horrified and confused, just as she was when she died. Upon first meeting Vivian, she is more soft-spoken, and while in awe of the house, speaks as if on the verge of crying. This appears to have been the result of her first encounter with her reanimated son, as in flashbacks after Charles succeeds, her personality is much the same way. She appears to be fascinated with Vivian’s pregnancy. After Tate tells her she can no longer have the baby because he doesn’t want Violet’s family to get hurt, she becomes stern and threatening, saying she will take it no matter what.

Nora has a tendency to be very emotional and selfish. When thinks about things all she can think about is how things would benefit herself, and how she could get things from a situation. She always used to belittle her husband, making him feel like nothing, telling him he was a no good suck up. She always wanted more than she actually had. Never the less Nora could be trusting, resourceful, as well as compassionate.


When the Harmons moved into the Murder House in 2011, Nora made contact, not to long after. She first met Vivian Harmon, someone who was very confused by the woman appearing at her door step. Nora has a confusing personality to someone who doesn’t know who she is, or what happened to her.

Nora and Tate first met when he was just a young boy, when Constance was being neglectful and he made his way down to the basement to play. She took a liking to him, the little boy she always wanted. But unfortunately she was never his. When Tate grew up, and the Harmons had moved into the house, Tate promised her one of Vivian’s children. She was thrilled, and somehow Tate and Nora have a profound parent, child relationship.

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