“Horror is beyond the reach of psychology.”

♀ Sawyer Kennedy  FC: Katherine Moennig

Age: Thirty-Four
Status: Living
Occupation: Clinical Psychologist
Residency: The Murder House
Sexuality: Fluid
Date of Birth: November 11th 1983 -
Availability: TAKEN

Too much of a tomboy to fit in with the girls, too much of a girl to fit in with the boys, Sawyer’s childhood was stressful, uncertain, and tumultuous. After her escapist teenage years spent with an everchanging crowd of misfits and outcasts, soaked in weak drugs and cheap alcohol, Sawyer straightened up and decided to use her life to help keep other young people from feeling as despondent and lost as she had been.

After a long collegiate career and her internships, Sawyer has made a local name for herself in working with troubled teens. Though private and restrained in her personal life, she is open, thoughtful, and respectful of her patients, never devaluing or dismissing their experiences and world view. As an employee at L.A. Private Regional, she hopes to help the patients to the best of her abilities. Though she knows the house-turned-hospital’s history, she isn’t overly superstitious and isn’t easily frightened. She views things openly, though with a skeptical eye.

Sawyer is an accepting kind of woman. She will never judge a book by it’s cover, or even it’s contents. She believes that judgment is overrated and being a psychologist she needs to keep an open mind. Sawyer will always look out for others, and give much needed advice. Though beyond the good traits she’s compulsive, even if she doesn’t want to be. With her kind and compassionate personality, she finds herself in a situation where most if not all the patients and even some of the ghosts come and confide in her, she finds her job to be so rewarding in this way, yet stressful and almost unreal.


Colleague and friend. Getting along well with a coworker is one thing, but to genuinely enjoy their company is a rare and welcome phenomenon. Though they practice different fields of medicine, Sawyer and Vincent work well as a team, and over time, Sawyer has found that their personalities outside of the job go together, too. So far, she’s been guarded about opening up to him, but is beginning to consider the possibility.

Patient. Jesse’s prior living situation and the circumstances surrounding her placement in the hospital hit a little too close to home for Sawyer. Though bound by a lot of red tape and the stacked odds against the case, Sawyer has promised to look for a way to help Jesse gain independence and freedom from her internment in the house.

Patient. Sawyer knows that helping Cassidy might be an uphill battle (—what isn’t, these days?— Although she genuinely believes that Cassidy is not yet beyond help. Therapy is often slow, since Sawyer doesn’t want to scare or push her away, but her door remains open.
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